Preservation Hub (PH)

Enables SFM to achieve its objective of reducing post-harvest loss, estimated at over 60 percent within three weeks of harvesting dues to poor crop handling practices, lacks of storage, processing facilities and good roads.

The PH encompasses training in food processing and provision of machines for processing. SFM has been working closely with Nigeria Stored Product Research Institute (NISPRI) to enhance farmers’ ability to preserve their food crops. For example, SFM built maize cribs to wind dry maize before shelling and has procured packaging bags to preserve the maize for up to 4 years.

SFM aims to introduce solar powered cooling system that will enable SFC farmers to preserve 200 tons of vegetables per annum. SFM also aims to buy a cooling truck for transporting these vegetables to local markets.

How to help: PH seeks experts in food preservation to train SFC members and in solar energy to install solar panels to generate power for the processing machines. PH also seeks sponsors for solar power cooling system.