Empowerment programme (EP)

Enables SFM to achieve its objective of equipping women and young people with skills to overcome the scourge of poverty.

EP is working closely with three primary schools in Kuta to provide school materials for those from poor families. Two dozen pupils are the first beneficiaries of the Shepherd Scholarship Scheme. Please see July – Dec 2019 Newsletter for more information.

SFM has also enhanced the capability of women to earn more income through training in bead making using local materials. The picture collage shows some participants receiving certificates at the end of the short course.

Through EP, SFM has been able to raise awareness on preventable diseases and food hygiene. SFM has sent a team of doctors to provide health check up and advice. Please see Jan – June 2019 Newsletter for more information.

How to help: EP seeks experts in workmanship, medicine, nursing and nutrition to enhance the quality of provision. EP also seeks sponsors for school materials and food support.