Shepherd Farmers Cooperative (SFC)

A subsidiary of SFM which aims to bring farmers together to overcome their common challenges of lacks of access to high post harvest loss, training in modern farming, revolving loan, local/international markets.

SFC has capacity for 150 farmers but has 60 active members, some of whom are widowed and living with disabilities. The benefits of membership include access to revolving loan with each member able to borrow a certain amount up to three times a year. They also have access to training on cooperative matters, financial management, farming and processing. Some of the crops produced include palm kernel, cassava, maize, beans, pepper, okra, vegetables, fruits, cashew, yams, rice, melon, water melon, and others food and cash crops.

How to help: SFC seeks experts in cooperative matters and training in financial management to facilitate workshops for members. SFC also seeks sponsors to expand the revolving loan scheme.