Shepherd Farmers Academy (SFA)

A subsidiary of SFM which aims to provide best farming practice in food and cash crops, animal and fish farming. SFA will collaborate with research institutes in Nigeria and overseas to gain access to modern farming techniques that could be demonstrated on our farm for members of the Shepherd Farmers Cooperative (SFC).

SFA is situated on 103 acres in Odo-Ogun Village, Kuta, Osun State, Nigeria with access to Osun river on the far side. SFA aims to demonstrate farming from production cycle to processing cycle in a sustainable manner in order to make farming attractive to young people.

The farm is sectioned into 22 areas of approximately 5 acres each to enable rotational farming and designate areas for different types of farming. In terms of inputs, SFA has two tractors; 20 tons maize cribs; sprayers; cassava processing facility; maize sheller; borehole; and farm house.

How to help: SFA seeks experts in farming to volunteer their time to develop the demonstrate farms to a high standard. SFA seeks sponsors for any aspect of farming.