Shepherd Food Ministries

Our mission is to spread the message of love and empower people to overcome poverty.

Support and donations from across Lincolnshire have enabled a Lincoln-based charity to build a vital farming and training facility in Nigeria. Around 100 farmers in Kuta, Osun State, will be able to use facilities such as storage, a training workshop and a processing centre for cassava (a staple root vegetable) at the new centre.

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SFM Remits

SFM operates within the remits of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, and 10

No Poverty

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Zero Hunger

Reduced Inequalities

Reduced Inequalities


No Poverty

  • Reduce post-harvest loss
  • Access to banks and microfinance
  • Training in best farming practice
  • Demonstration farm (maize cribs; tractors; borehole; farm house; maize shellers, cassava processing machines; cooling truck).


(70 small holder farmers – men and women)

Zero Hunger

  • Food donation to vulnerable people
  • Access to health advice and medicine.
  • Microfinance


(10 elderly widows and widowers).

Reduced Inequalities

  • Scholarship scheme
  • Food donation during festive period to reduce malnutrition.
  • Scholarship scheme festival


(27 pupils are beneficiaries).

Case Study

Then in 2019

They were selected from the three primary schools in Kuta.

Some of them want to be lawyers, doctors and engineers. But this ambition will be truncated without education.

Now in 2022

  • SFM provides school uniforms, books, writing materials, shoes, school bags and pay their fees.
  • Without this intervention, most of them would have dropped out of school.

Latest Project

Building a Digital Literacy & Art Center in Kuta

SFM aims to empower the children on scholarship with digital literacy skills in order to engage with their peers across the world and to tell their own stories of accomplishments. 

We are appealing for support to build a Digital Literacy and Arts Centre (DILAC) on our designated three acres of land in Kuta, Osun State, Nigeria. 

DILAC will be equipped with iPads and laptops to train them how to use technology to enhance their knowledge and their career prospects. 

Be a part of this project by donating today. Individuals and businesses can also donate hardwares and software to the Centre. Please contact us below if you want to do that.